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Mykonos is one of the most popular destinations in Greece along with Santorini. Mykonos reminds you of how charming the Greek islands are. Port Chora, is a seafront town behind a sandy harbor, layered with white stucco, bright-blue trim, and bursting-purple bougainvilleas set on a ridge over the town.


While the Island has some museums, they merely provide an excuse to get out of the sun. The main attractions been: shopping, dining, clubbing or simply walking around. The town is literally a maze, designed by the Mykonians centuries ago. It was to discourage would-be invaders from finding their way around the Island. To this day the tactic still works on tourists. However, this is one of the best parts about the Island that attracts the tourists


Once your finished weaving through the streets, you may sit back and relax at one of the many sandy beaches the Island has to offer. Each beach offering different styles: family-friendly or party; straight, gay, or mixed; nude or clothed; and so on.


Ornos is an ideal beach for kids and family, as it is easy to reach and access. Also Psarou and Platis Gialos —are another two beaches along the east of Ornos. Psarou is seen an exclusive beach, a favorite spot for celebrities, while Platis Gialos is more family orienteered


Paradise is Mykonos’ famous “meat-market” beach, a magnet for partiers in the Aegean. Located at the southern tip of the island, Paradise (a.k.a. Kalamopodi) overlooked by hotels that run party-oriented bars for young students and adults. It is perfect if you want to party in the sand all night to the music with like-minded tourists and backpackers from around the globe.

Nearly all of the beaches have lounge chairs with umbrellas. These cost around €20–30 for two chairs that share an umbrella (or half that for one chair). You may take a seat — at the staff will come by to collect money. Be warned that in peak season — July and especially in August — all beaches are very crowded, and it can be difficult to find seats and the can be quite expensive also.


Public bus leave from the port to any of these beaches, or you may cruise on a water taxi to Psarou, Platis Gialos, or Paradise. Alternatively, you can rent a car, motor scooter, or ATV. Driving a scooter or ATV on a Greek isle, is the best option, as the roads are narrow (you’ll pass more fellow scooters and ATVs than cars), and idyllic beaches are a short ride away.


If you are traveling with a group, splitting the price of the yacht is another amazing and cost-effective solution. What you might think, will cost a fortune isn’t going to cost you a fortune once you split the costs with your group. It will be an unforgettable experience cruising over the Aegean Sea from one fabulous island to the next. Many people don’t realize that chartering a yacht is a unique and easier alternative than taking the hopper flights from island to island, enabling you to see more of the Greek islands.eres ir de fiesta en la arena toda la noche a la música con los mismos pensamientos de turistas y mochileros

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